mandag 13. desember 2010

Olav Kittilson f.1812

Han er broren til min tippoldefar. Jeg sendte en melding til en som har lagt ut slekstreet sitt på Her er svaret.

Thanks so much for the good question. After reviewing your information it sure does seem that that the Ole Kittilson you are speaking of matches the Olav Kettelson in the family tree that I have. I don't have access to very much first hand information and most of what I have put together are based upon documents in I think my information is "good", but certainly not 100% reliable. Most of the documents I use are reliable, but sometimes when I assume information that I am adding from family trees is reliable I might be mistaken.

It would be wonderful to look through the information and find out that we are actually relatives. Unfortunately, I am not closely related to the Kittlesons. It appears they have entered the family tree through marriage and are not my direct relatives.

Despite this, I think the family trees are for the most part accurate and with a little more research you might find some direct descendents of Ole. I know there are some Kittlesons in Minnesota.

Good luck in finding some of your lost relatives. If I can do anything to help let me know.

Thanks for saying hi and take care.

Rick Johnson

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